Why do you want to do data visualization?

Editor’s Guide: Enterprises produce a lot of data every day in operation, and these data can be analyzed to produce specific functions. For some people who don’t understand data, transform data into forms or texts, which help to understand the meaning and value behind complex data, which is the role of data visualization. From three aspects, the author analyzes data visual, I hope to help you.

Products that are responsible for data visualization, in the entire product design process, some thinking, this article will introduce data visualization application value and use scenarios through the case.

Case introduction:

A subsidiary of a state-owned enterprise (hereinafter referred to as a), planning to do a value-added service product for vehicle safety protection, when the user purchases the car in the 4S shop, can pay additional amount to obtain the security of vehicle safety protection, product The first phase has been launched;

Just on September 26, 2020, the Beijing International Auto Show is coming, and the Group’s high-level leaders will come to the exhibition.

At this time, A decided to take this opportunity, combined with the currently developed splicing screen technology, in the auto show, through the large screen of the splicing, demonstrate the potential of self-research products to the high-rise product in the form of data visualization, and strive for resources for the follow-up development of the project.


In fact, the product demonstration at the auto show largely determines the project resources of the future development of the product. If the product is not recognized by the high-level product, then this newly opened product line may die, so on the auto show Product demonstrations can be presented to be hoped, then in such a context, why does the product introduction in the form of data visualization?

First, what is data visualization?

From a more common case, the 2015 double eleven, Alibaba passed a big screen, showing Taobao and Tmall’s trading, the various charts in the screen show the related data of the double eleven, and You can quickly understand the Double Eleven Double Eleven in this big screen.

The large screen of this live broadcast is called data visualization, combined with the technology of splicing screen, which makes into a larger screen to show a richer data visual display.

And the data is only a manifestation of data visualization, in addition to this, data visualization has other forms, such as the record of the mobile terminal’s Keep generated after running, the column chart, distribution Drawing and line charts express information about users running:

Whether it is in the form of, in the final analysis, the data visualization is to complete the relevant data through graphical means to perform clear and effective information conveying or information insight.

Among the large-scale enterprises, data visualization cases are all, what supports it to be widely used?

Second, the application value of data visualization

1. Unit area, can present more information

The expression of text information is limited by the limitations of text size attributes, and the information that can be displayed is very limited in the unit area.

The visualized information expression is not limited to text as a carrier of information. For example, when we establish a coordinate system, a point in the coordinate system can represent a metadata (the smallest basic information of the unit), and small black point, then It is much smaller than the word 10.

Different from the expression of the text information, visualization can select a smaller carrier to express information, so in the unit area, the visual expression can present more information.

For example, after the user run, Keep hopes to display detailed running frequency information for the user, specifically to the step frequency per 1 min.

The expression of text information is as follows:

The visual expression is as follows:

2 scenarios have specifically present the step frequency per 1 min during the running process, but from the conference, the occupied area of ??visual expression is much smaller than the expression of the text information.

However, the expression of text information cannot be squeezed to ensure that all data is displayed in the area of ??the same size of visual expression?

In fact, in this case, the text information can be displayed by compression, and the entire data is displayed in the same size.

But no one will do this, because this reading experience is too bad, the picture is enlarged, it may not be able to see it clearly, completely without readability, when the user’s reading is unwilling, then the data show is meaningless .

Said that the readability limits the size of the word information to express.

And the visual expression does not exist, through the establishment of coordinate system, all metadata is transformed into small black points.

We don’t need to enlarge the image to see what this metadata is, we only need to sense the color / position difference between the black spots to find information characteristics;

Therefore, data visualization can present more information in the same area, and more readable.

2. The same content can be found faster

1) The change trend of data is more intuitive.

In the expression of text information, the text can only reflect the size of the metadata, but it is impossible to express “the development trend of data over time or ordered dimension” (trend refers to the development of the development of things: inclusion or decrease or unchanged) . “

All metadata is only a zero-scattered individual in the expression of text information, and the visual expression is different, and the metadata can be connected to the “line” to form a whole. This whole is a directionality, at which time the overall angle to observe its change direction, we can discover the change trend of data faster. For example, we expect to discovery through data, a change in major accidents have changed over time every afternoon:

The expression of text information is as follows:

The visual expression is as follows:

In the expression of text information, we can only see the number of accidents at each time point, all metadata is discrete individual; and in visualization, metadata exists in the form of points, and The point is connected in series through “Line”, and the data set constitutes a line, we can directly change the change of data by the direction of the line;

2) Data size difference is more significant

During the expression of text information, as the data set is getting bigger and bigger, we have to discover the differences between data, the brain must complete the reading of the numbers, and the comparison of the numbers one by one, after the calculation, we can know The size relationship of these data.

Visual expression does not require this, the location / color difference of the point can be perceived, the difference in data, the larger the data difference, the larger the color / spacing between the point and the point, in which case the original needs to calculate the number The comparison of the size is completed, which has become the color and spacing comparison of the points visible, and this contrast can be concluded more quickly;

For example, we expect to discover the time in the morning, the time in the morning, the accident rate;

The expression of text information is as follows:

The visual expression is as follows:

Compare 2 ways of expression:

In textual information expression, you need to accumulate all data from 1 to 12 points, and we can know after the size is compared, and 9 o’clock is the highest time point of the accident.

In visual expression, the column chart represents the number of incidents as metadata, and the position difference between the column-shaped vertices and other cylindrical vertices, we can find that the cylindrical shape of 9 points is at the highest point in the entire graph at a glance. Completion;

Why is the visually differentiated, what is the gradual calculation of digital information?

A study published by the 2013 “Perspective, Perceptual and Psychological Physics” magazine shows that the brain can handle the visual acceptable picture information only in 13 milliseconds. In the process, the research object is required to find a picture of a particular content from a series (6 or 12) pictures, such as “picnic” or “smiling couple.” Look at the time of 13 to 80 milliseconds. The research leader-Brain and Cognitive Professor Mary Potter said that the visual work is used to find, it is an acute information processing method.

And another study found that human brain processing picture information is synchronized, and processing text information is gradually gradually step by step; for example, a 300-word small story, it takes 10 seconds, while transforming into pictures The legend can only be remembered in your mind.

This indicates that in the type of information, the human brain receives / processing efficiency, higher than text information.

Who can think that the human brain is not fair to the treatment of information?

Therefore, the same content, visual expression than text information is characterized by faster discovery information.

Third, the application scenario of data visualization

Back to the initial case, can we understand that the company A made a decision of “product introduction in the auto show” in the auto show “?

Of course, “visualization” as a tool, we understand its application value, the ultimate goal is to better use it, then what kind of scenarios can choose data visual expression?

1. Exhibition hall: performance product potential / value

The exhibition hall belongs to the public environment of the outside world, which also leads to its noisy, and the area of ??the exhibition hall can be used to display information is also limited;

In this environment, all surroundings are exhibits. People’s attention is often more difficult, so if you want to demonstrate product value through data in your exhibition hall, you must first guarantee that it is necessary to make users more convenient and fast observations. Information, the integration of all data is displayed under the same plane;

Under the premise of users can understand the information, how to present more information to the value of the product, the value of the product is a key issue. If you want to objectively express the value of the product, the multi-dimensional data performance is the most favorable proof, but As the data dimension increases, the data source will increase, and the data volume is synchronized;

So in a limited area, you must reasonably and effectively complete information display and make users feel faster to the characteristics of information, which requires the advantage of data visualization.

Similarly, the data large screen presenting in the front desk, also has the same problem, which needs to be visualized. In the limited area, it can make investors or customers feel the strength of the company.

2. Real-time monitoring center: daily monitoring, emergency command

The original intention of the Real-Time Monitoring Center is through the operation of the platform, allowing managers to learn about the development of existing business or abnormal problems, and then make adjustments to grasp the opportunities for business increments or reduce abnormal losses.

For example, a lot of drain cavemen, January 10, 2019, a lot of major bugs, the BUG has not been found for more than 2 days, users can receive 100 yuan without unlicens coupons, coupons can be universal (except special goods), valid One year. Such major bugs will inevitably lead to surges within a single day, and the order quantity increases in a short period of time, and if the management personnel observe the “abnormal phenomena”, it can be perceived by the abnormality within the platform, and the reason is performed in time. Repair of the problem. However, the black gray gang uses the “vulnerability” stolen coupons to complete tens of millions of arbitrage. Although the final alarm file has recovered, the loss is lowered back to thousands (according to many aspects) But this is still a huge loss.

To observe the “abnormal phenomena” such as this, this requires dimensions, rendering related data, but as the platform business is gradually growing, there is more and more data dimensions of observations, and the complication of information will lead to managers. The harder is clear and effectively to complete the information.

In bulky data, it is necessary to protect managers to learn more about business current conditions, how to clearly express multi-dimensional data information to shorten managers’ discovery time for information characteristics.

Visual expression, by color, position difference, and metadata size, can be more significant differences in expressed data. At the same time, the “line” connection metadata is formed to form a whole, and it is possible to intuitively reflect the development trend of data.

These more intuitive, more prominent expressions allow the management to discover the characteristics of information.

Fourth, final

The application of data visualization is not limited to the above scenarios, and the core value of understanding data visualization is the key.

Of course, no matter what kind of way to display data, our ultimate goal is to let others understand the information we convey faster, or let yourself find unknown information characteristics.

How can we use the data visualization to achieve this purpose? The next article will be in cases, and explain my thinking path in data visual product design.