Product data look at it every day, what should I see?

For Internet people, the importance of data is self-evident. In the face of so many business data, some Meng new friends may not know how to watch data, this article shared how to see data and see the reasons for this issue, recommend interested in product data. Friends read.

Have to say, the data capabilities are really important!

This is the words of the Internet of the old people!

If you haven’t realized it yet, I suggest you learn the time to learn; believe me! It is very useful in the future.

Why is the data are so important? There are 2 core reasons:

Every detail of business operations is inseparable from data; data capabilities are the basic skills of Internet people.

In the pyramid of the workplace, the more the level is, the more enterprise data information is mastered.

That is inevitable, he will suck a lot of data information every day.

In the face of so many data, Meng new friends often ask:

Business data is watching every day, what should I see?

Today, I will share it with you, how do I see data every day? Why do you want to see these?

First, do your data classification, more and not mess

Traffic data, user feature, page conversion data, product sales data, activity page data, daily news data, etc., no matter whether it is product manager or operators, it is not facing a variety of data.

At the same time, the boss often asks this data to ask that data, sometimes suddenly sent: For this data, why didn’t you discover! How to save?

I gave you a common problem:

There are too many data, can’t see it; the work in the hand is not finished, the data is basically very young; the data is watching, but I don’t know the focus is awkward; I feel that the boss first discovers the problem, we don’t know After the post; the data is a task-style, but it doesn’t feel it. If you ask the specific action, there is no idea; these problems, from the shallow depth, there is no data awareness, and there is no data business focus, and finally go to the data guidance business strategy.

Do your data classification is a step in high efficiency.

Teach you to see data in two latitude, you can get information from data from the data very quickly: the business properties of the data and the timeliness of the data.

1. Business attributes

The business attribute of the data can be divided into result data and process type data.

1) Result data

It can be understood that the core business indicators you are responsible for, such as the sales of products, the number of payers, new registered users, recommended accuracy, etc.

Result data is the most data. Why? Because your promotion salary will greatly depend on your performance results. So don’t have slopes.

2) Process data

How is the process will be derived about how the results. Process type data, components of results data. Process type data, disassembly angle is very much. For example, the above-mentioned sales data (GMV).

GMV = traffic * conversion rate * guest price

GMV = A product GMV + B product GMV + … + N products GMV

GMV = A channel GMV + B channel GMV + … + N channel GMV

The right side of the above equity (=) is pro process type data. The dismantling of process-type data is determined to a certain extent based on the components and management methods of the team. Process data, as the name suggests pay attention to the process, so pay attention to analysis, observe the data performance of each node.

2. Data aging

In accordance with the aging division of data output, most of these three: Times, Hours, Daily, this is better understood.

1) Real Times

Data that requires real-time attention indicates that these data is very guiding the timely action of the business.

For example: lottery prizes data monitoring, double 11 promotion traffic monitoring, spike data monitoring, etc., generally in high concurrent scenes.

2) Horse report

The data is not as urgent, but it is very important to the leadership.

For example: traffic data for strategic focus projects / activities, such as sales data for key products.

3) Daily

Most is the business key indicator data.

Contains process models and results type. These data are closely related to the business actions of the previous day.

Through the above two latitude divisions: the result data should be kept in mind, the process data is analyzed, real-time data is in real time, the daily data is seen daily, basically eight or nine is not left ten.

Second, see the number every day, at least “three look”

Through the data classification, we understand the basic strategy of the number of points, see some targeted, then basically solve the problem.

That, don’t know the focus of seeing, the boss will always find the problem of the problem first, how to solve it?

Let’s first look at it, everyone’s daily reactions:

Some people look at the number of KPI, the daily reaction is: Oh ~ understand! And some people look at KPI data, he will have an angry and sorrow: Too much praise, beyond the goal of 20%; not good, now the distance progress is too much, you have to hurry.

Description angle, see the depth of thinking!

So what kind of angle should we first look at business data? Why do you want to see this?

I think at least “three look”:

Look at the status quo, see abnormal, see difference.

View status

The status quo is the monitoring of the overall market data, there is a macro, comprehensive understanding of the responsible business. Here, the focus needs to see: The completion of the core indicator. What should be included in the completion of data?

Yesterday, completed data: core indicator data, data of each process indicator; distance target progress: KPI completion data progress condition (a%), current time progress (b%), if A> B illustrates, the progress is normal; if B> A, then pay attention to it, you have to add it; set a progress threshold to the team, less than a certain value, to the alarm.

How much should be completed daily, how much is actually completed. When we increase this progress monitoring indicator, there is more perception and direction.

2. Watch an exception

The results of data abnormality may affect the user’s experience, affecting the completion of business indicators, and may even make people lose their rice bowl. Therefore, for abnormal conditions, don’t fall.

So what should you see?

Absolute value: a module data for the business, it has always been very bright, suddenly 0 yesterday, or very low. That is abnormal; accounting: According to the proportion, if a new household conversion of a channel is around 40%, it turns 4% yesterday. It may also have an abnormality; system alarm: This is a significant abnormality reminder. For example, the lottery inventory can not be super, the server hangs, and so on.

Most cases, unusual discovery, generally need keen data insights, need to pay more daily attention to more accumulation, multi-purpose business data; at the same time, the number of points must always hold a suspicion.

3. Look at the difference

Differences in growth, the most common use: year-on-year, the way in the ring. During the contrast, pay attention to whether there is a business cycle law affecting the impact of business key action.

It is not the same, not the end, but the beginning of business analysis, the cause of differences behind the difference, the problem of differences, find out the differences in solving differences, this is the purpose of the difference!

Third, the data guidance action is the king

If you say, just stay in the data, don’t think about it, don’t act, then take time to see?

So, I hope everyone can be very clear: seeing is not the purpose, take action!

By looking at the current situation data, understand the operation of the business distance, deepen the business understanding, exploration summary periodic rules; Difference data, the difference in process indicators, find the core of the difference problem, and develop specific solutions.

I don’t stay in every day. It is a complete view of the chain from what to analyze why.