Let the data visualization design analysis under the performance of the product

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Today’s content contains three aspects, the first is to do data visualization; the second is the reference path of the data visual implementation process, and the dai diamond design model is an example to analyze the detailed design idea of ??data-based board; It is an introduction to some of the data visualization tools.

First, why do you want to do data visualization?

The so-called data visualization, disassembled as two parts is “visualization” and “data”.

Search for “visualization” in Baidu Encyclopedia, you will find it or “data visualization”, but in fact, the field of visualization is very large, such as everyone watching movies, TV, short video, etc. Visible way. The “data” contains the Arabic numbers of our primary school, those data in the Excel list used in the work, or the service data in the system, etc. Then the intersection of the two is naturally the data visualization.

In a narrow sense, data visualization refers to the use of a statistical chart to present data. Based on broad, it refers to the collectivation, information visualization, and scientific visualization.

Data visualization This noun is elastic. For example, everyone often hears a word data analysis, and data analysis can also be visualized with data, called data visualization analysis or data analysis visualization. Therefore, from a broad sense, data visualization is covered by data analysis, after all, any data visualized pre-environment has been analyzed.

There is another understanding, that is, it can be considered to be data visualization, because data visualization is one of the final products of data analysis.

Today’s content is based on narrow, mainly about how to use the chart to perform data presence.

Everyone can recall some data visualization products in their daily lives, the simplest example is the clock, the clock is a perfect data product, which accurately expresss the current time through three pointers.

In addition to the clock, the electric meter in the home is actually a data visual product, which can be used to use how much electricity is presented by the number; then there is a weight scale also belongs to the data visualization product. There are also many data visualization in the visible life.

So, in the work, in addition to the Excel icon of our daily deal, Visualization can actually become very interesting.

For example, NetEase has been trapezed for many classic cases, which presents some social phenomena, group phenomena. For example, in the case of “What is the most commonly used in the contemporary, they are presented by the investigation data, and the common set of regulations, charts, etc. are presented, and the body is not suitable, returning to the hometown, visiting friends, etc. Reasons for leave; in addition to this, they also combed some relatively wonderful invoice, such as the “life win home”, please, the first thing is “to help the father to compete for the village,”, There is also a “living enjoyment”, “love to upper”.

When these social phenomenon is displayed by a chart, you will find not only increased interest, but also add more readability.

Take a picture of everyone, this is an evolution map of international steel production in the past 50 years, and you can let everyone feel China’s growth strength. If you just show a bunch of numbers, you can’t get such an intuitive feeling, data Visual way can greatly improve reading efficiency.

All of the above cases illustrate data visualization to increase interestability, readability, which is essentially to explain some phenomena or solve certain problems.

The benefits of visualization can be summarized into four points, respectively, fast, insight, long-acting and beautiful.

The first is fast. There is a small text here, even if you use a scan, instead of reading a word, you need to 10-15 seconds, you can receive the story expressed by this text. But if you change to a picture, you may see this story with a sweep, and you can understand this story in 1-2 seconds. So this is the first big advantage of data visualization, which is to improve people’s reading speed, because the human brain is much higher than the information and numbers of reception and processing efficiency.

In order to confirm this point, we can make a small experiment. In the above question, everyone can count how many letters V, can find that the alphanumeric alphanumeric is still very hard.

Then add all the letters V in this picture, which is actually the simplest way of visualization processing data. Word write reports often highlight the key content through fonts to increase people’s reading efficiency.

Secondly, it is insight. Why do you say that visualization can be used to explain some phenomena and help people solve certain problems quickly, because it can improve the efficiency of insight. The data in the example comes from the National Bureau of Statistics, which shows China’s birth rate, mortality, and natural growth rate during the period from 2011 to 2020. When these numbers are displayed here, it is difficult to transform them into a holistic trend map in your brain, which is the highest birth rate, which year is the lowest birth rate, etc. It is more difficult to quickly make judgments.

But if we make a simple visualization process for these data, you can quickly learn about the overall change trend of three indicators, as well as specific node information.

It can therefore be drawn, that is, data visualization can effectively characterize the features and rules of data, allowing the observer to discover the trend.

Big data practitioners often mention that big data has two layers, the first layer is an objective presence of some trends in the past, thereby discovering what rules in the past; the second layer can be pre-proposed by the past law.

Of course, data visualization mainly serves the first layer, which is to assist us quickly discover past trends.

Then it is long. Long-acting means that data visualization can improve information cognitive efficiency and make people remember longer.

This is a psychological concept, memory is divided into two categories in psychology, one type of semantic memory, a class of scene memory, data visualization is a means of expression of semantic memory and scenario memory.

For example, we read a sentence from the book. This sentence has formed a semantic memory after the handle of the brain. When you use your own language to retrieve this sentence, it is actually a process of expressing semantics memories. And the situation memory refers to what we have experienced, or we have seen a scene, then put these to others, this time is not a text in your brain, but a scene of the scene, this is a scene memory .

Relatively speaking, the scenario memory is more vivid, more detailed; semantic memory is more abstract; and data visualization is more than data and visualization, so it can not only help people can quickly remember, so it can also make long-term memory, so data visualization has long-term value .

Finally, it is beautiful. There is a word of a word data, and data visualization can be considered an artistic behavior in a sense. It is not only a simple histogram, a line chart, a pie chart, or a lot of beautiful graphics such as a rose map.

Summarize the contents of the first part, data visualization is narrowly referring to rendering data using a statistical chart. Significance is to explain some phenomena or solve certain problems. Compared to simple text and numbers, the advantages have fast, insight, long-acting and beautiful four points.

Second, the application guide and case analysis of double-drill design model in data visualization

The Method of Construction – Exploring the Method of Construction – Law of Focus Construction – Law of Design Construction – The Law of Evaluation Construction – Case

Third, the common visualization tool introduction

Traditional Tools BI Tool Code Tool C / R Language Tools

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