I understand the article: How to do industry analysis?

In the interview or workplace, we often encounter problems for data analysis of a certain industry. Many students don’t know how to analyze industry analysis, there are questions about this or interesting friends, this article teaches You quickly pick up, let’s take a look.

In the work and interview, many small partners will encounter the requirements of the “analysis of the XX industry”. One listening to the four words of “Industry Analysis”, many people will feel particularly tall, do not know what to do. Today, give everyone a lazy Raiders, and friends can get started quickly.

First, what is the industry?

When doing data analysis, the “industry” two words, generally referring to all companies related to sales to sales around a commodity. Taking cosmetics as an example, standing in the consumer angle, it is a simple from the store to buy a lipstick back. Can stand in the industry, from production to sales, there are quite a few companies in participating (as shown below):

In the industry, each company often plays a link in the industry chain. Therefore, it is accustomed to providing a raw material / product, called an upstream enterprise; a company that accepts the raw materials / products provided by yourself, called a downstream enterprise; a user of the final consumer product is called a terminal consumers.

Second, what is industry analysis?

When doing data analysis, the industry analysis, specifically, analyzes the development of the industry in a business, and guides the business operation. The problem to answer the industry analysis is a macroscopic problem, but it is a big problem that determines the direction of the company.

for example:

Is it possible for the entire industry? In the industry, who I want to compete with? How much impact on the upstream enterprises operate? There is also a new downstream company, is it new opportunity? The demand for terminal consumers is changing, do I want to change?

These problems are often the problem of the highest decision-making layer of the company. Therefore, in the entire data analysis system, industry analysis is the highest level, serving management analysis (as shown below):

Third, 14 modules of industry analysis

Industry analysis is a routine, including three major modules 14 sub-sections

The first sector: industry rules. Here mainly describes the basic situation of the industry (as shown below):

The analysis of this module is mainly to show the basic situation of the industry to people (especially the do not understand, such as newcomers, investors, and public). If it is a person who knows, there is no need to have too much, which can present some changes in it. For example, there are new technologies and new policies and regulations in the industry, resulting in new business models, and enter barriers have changed.

Second sector: Industry terminal consumers. What is described here is the industry market space, how much can an industry earns, and ultimately the number of consumers covered * consumers’ consumption (as shown below):

The analysis of this module is the most difficult thing to be data acquisition. Because end user assessments involving the whole industry, it involves the face too much. Usually used: a way to cure. For example, studying female cosmetics consumption:

Number of women in the country, women distribution of each province / city, from the National Bureau of Statistics (sampling research)

How many girls are using cosmetics, from Tencent / Ali, etc. (Platform statistics)

Women use cosmetics / consumption from third-party institutions (sampling research)

This step-by-step acquisition data, re-uses the consumption amount = female total population * How much proportion is purchased * per capita purchase power, calculates.

There must be a small partner feel that the data is not allowed, it is really impossible. But pay attention: The judgment of these macro levels does not require 100% accurate data, because the development trend is difficult to fake. If there is no increase in women in the country, women’s consumption will decline, will be in the data platform of the National Bureau of Statistics, Tencent / Ali, and the data of third-party institutions.

The third sector: industry competition pattern. Here described here is the industry competition, concerned: Who is competing with our company, where is the main battlefield of competition, and how is it?

The analysis of this module, the core is concerned about the influential players in the industry. The data of these big players can be accepted by listed companies, impact listed companies, have some means of not seeing light. In the industry, the trend of players is very important and directly determines the industry competition.

Some small partners may say: I have the industry, there is no listed company, and there is no company that hits the listing company, and there is no general company, how to get this part of the data? Dear, if it is really three industries, it is a typical scattered competition market. This judgment can also support decision.

The fourth sector: industry development trend, which is the most influencing sector (as shown below):

The first three sections, just present the status quo. The analysis conclusions of this sector can directly affect decisions. In the classic “strategic management” textbook, there is a series of classic conclusions for the judgment of the industry development situation, such as:

The growth rate is accelerated, the concentration is increased, and the enterprise is reduced.

There are many specific consequences. I will not go to the door here. Interested small partners can move their books. In short, this module can help you see clearly: competition is intensifying or slowing, which segment is in the field. The fifth plate: a benchmark company. Here is prepared for exporting specific strategies (as shown below):

Industry analysis is called “Industry” analysis, that is, it does not need to analyze our specific situation, as long as you know the industry. If everyone really wants to ask: What should I do if I have finished reading? For the practice of the benchmark, it is either copied or differentiated.

Fourth, pay attention

The above industry analysis, the application of the industry analysis in the enterprise. In fact, many people are very interested in industry analysis because they want to ask questions:

“Analysis of a good industry, I bought the stock” “Analyze a good industry, I am going to start a business” “Analyze a good industry, I am going to work”

There is no relationship between stocks, entrepreneurship, working, and industry analysis (and personal opportunities, ability, qualifications have a big relationship!) So the small friends don’t use it, each problem has its special solution, there is no package God of life.

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