Data visualization, data can be analyzed, data can be achieved: the three-layer value of enterprise data

In the enterprise, we often encounter a lot of data and analysis of data. Data visualization has played a lot; data visualization refers to presenting data in visual form, such as chart or map to help people understand these The meaning of the data; the author of this article shared the three-story value about corporate data, let’s learn together.

The data is the eye of the company, how to use data correctly during the business process?

Today and a friend who built a 30+ person data team from 0-1, a friend who built a 30+ person data team chatted to do the little experience in enterprise data applications and shared it to everyone.

The three-layer value of enterprise data application:

Data visualization – data can be analyzed – data can be more

First, data visualization

Data visualization means that data will be clearly efficiently conveyed and communicated with communication information by means of graphical means.

However, during the data visualization process, it is necessary to pay attention to not doing the gorgeous and colorful and colorful to visual effects. The core of data visualization is for high efficiency communication information.

Its data is based on business demonstration:

Accurate data; in line with business needs; data can communicate efficiently;

For example, the company is using the boss, palm BI, digital large screen, etc. in the company, is the application case of data visualization.

Key to ensure data visualization

Fully and business communication needs; ensure that the data dimensions provided are business needs; sufficient and technical team communication data definitions, ensuring that the collected data is absolutely accurate.

About the absolute accuracy and relative accuracy of the data; different scenes are different from the accuracy of the data.

For example, when the actuary is developing and iteration, it is necessary to analyze the amount of payment, resend rate, renewal rate of the product, and analyzes the absolute accuracy;

However, in the premium statistics, performance statistics, KPI assessment, etc., involving financial processes, and requires absolute accuracy of data.

With regard to the presence of data, there are very many professional third-party BI tools to choose, and there are also ready-made open source tools to provide data visual style selection. You can combine the actual demand selection to perform data display.

The implementation of data visualization is recommended to make personalized development, otherwise it may “water and soil”.

Second, data can be analyzed

Data can only be seen far less, but also combine data to analyze business conditions, behind the data seen, there are many business conditions.

For example, many companies are particularly concerned about performance when doing data, and there will be performance rankings.

However, is there only enough? Obviously it is not. For a real example, the business of the two regions is similar, all of the B-terminal customers, the user performance is similar, all of the products is the same; Project?


Personnel composition, project activity, main attack hand, how much is the B-terminal resource, the project’s investment? What is the output ratio?

Through a more depth data analysis, it is more defined and which is a quality project.

Through a deeper data analysis, you can provide assistance for the business’s operations to play more data more value.

At this point, the way the radar map can be intervened, and the quality of the project is more intuitive in this dimension through the general dimension (the general company has a ready-made dimension), and the quality of the project can be directly determined.

Third, data can be more

Data can be visually efficient convey information, which can have a large value by analyzing assistive operational strategies.

But how do I maximize the value of data?

1) The most basic: improve the effectiveness.

It is necessary for the report that requires manual operation to be invalid. Directly generates a form, which can greatly improve human effective; in the past, people can decision project priority, and the degree of decision failures can be reduced by project completion and project.

2) Data can reduce costs.

For example, in Internet insurance, there is a way of pilot, collect user information, and the mobile phone information is estimated to estimate your premium, which naturally collects the basic data of the user.

For example, is there a marriage? Is there a child? Is there an old man, a work year, etc. After the data is collected, when the advertisement is placed, what other user portraits have been paid again? When you are in subsequent delivery, you can perform precision delivery and enhance the conversion conversion.

In addition, the collected data can also return to the actuary, optimize the contents of the insurance product, to increase the pay conversion rate.

3) Data can be transferred between different systems, providing more innovation opportunities to enhance the user experience.

With data systems, you can turn around with multiple systems; interoperability between data can have more possibilities.

For a real case, after buying insurance, the normal security process is a risk – report – claims; after the insurance data and hospital data are opened, if there is a user living in the hospital, the insurance company will directly enter the premium directly Inside the user’s hospital account, a rapid risk – no data is unable to implement such a service experience.

Once the system is open, you can perform personalized upgrades for our customers, and the experience is improved around the service process of the user, and this service experience has not been measured for the added value of the brand.

Fourth, other points of view

Now everyone is in the “data middle platform” in which people is actually a collection of data services, data still needs to solve the problem more actual.Whether it is a corporate data team construction, or the data system is built, it must be “small steps to run, from point to the face”; anything you want to build a big and full data system is unrealistic.

I hope that the above share is available to the business to build your own digital system and data system.

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