Case Analysis: One Text Mastering Product Investment Analysis

Editor’s Guide: Commodity inventory analysis is a very important part of retail data analysis and is “goods” in “people ‘goods”. This article will send it from a case to share the idea of ??mastering commodity inventory analysis, I hope to help you.

The last time I wrote an article about retail data analysis, generally introduced the various parts of retail analysis and common analysis indicators. Today, this carefully, the retail data analysis is very important, and it is “people, goods, Site “concept,” goods “part.

Difference to the pure theoretical explanation, today I found a real case of inventory analysis to help everyone in the immersive understanding of goods inventory analysis.

I, background

Company A is a large-scale snack chain store, 28 stores in Shanghai, with the maintenance imported food, snacks, leisure food, and all shops of goods are unified by the headquarters warehouse. Because of the complexity, large quantity, In the past, the management and analysis of inventory of some key goods did not manage the inventory of the overall commodity, so there is often a case of outlets and stock backlogs.

The problem we have to solve is to achieve the goal of reaching the performance growth of regional performance through the issue of investment analysis, reasonable control inventory, accelerating capital turnover.

Second, analyze ideas

The inventory analysis of the goods is simply around two questions: Will it be out of stock; in stock is too large, there is a backlog, and the funds are occupied.

Many people are easy to fall into two misunderstandings for inventory analysis: either immersion in inventory structure analysis, or simple and rude analysis, the inventory list is full. In fact, true inventory analysis, whether it involves target size, is a macro to micro, from simple to complex processes.

Look at the analysis idea of ??my carding for this case:

Just getting data, we don’t know if it is out of stock, the problem of stock backlog is really existed, so we first look at all the stock amount, inventory, inventory turnover of all products, etc. Then, according to the analysis of the product structure from the macro to the microscopic layer, it is an effective inventory and invalid inventory analysis, the ABC category analysis, and the category analysis of the three structures, and the category analysis can be deep into the large class – medium class – Products went to see the situation of the entire stock.

Third, analysis process

The tool used by the analysis is the self-service analysis tool Finebi. IT staff puts the inventory analysis of the data package to organize the business package, the business or analyst can take the analysis, save the collection, handling the data required for data. .

The operation of the analysis is also very simple. Simple drag operation in the front page page, you can view the analysis results in real time, and draw conclusions.

First, let’s take a look at the effective inventory, use the inventory analysis table, create components, will be dragged into the horizontal axis after transitioning if effective in stock products, will be dragged into the vertical axis, the chart is used for effective Inventory domain, invalid inventory accounts is only 2.47%.

Then let’s analyze effective inventory and invalid stocks, I have made an effective inventory large-scale distribution map, as shown below, you can see that informally inventory is the largest, it is also imported food, and there is not much abnormal.

Next, we will then see the ABC in the goods to view different categories of goods inventory (the cumulative sales of 60% is set as Class A, and several products of sales of 30% are set to Class B, and the remaining goods are set Class C).

I have made three charts, showing the amount of ABC product stocks, stock amount and inventory turnover. He found that the inventory of Class B is much relative to Class C, while the inventory turnover has a large number of days, and the turnover is slow, and the follow-up can be analyzed to Class B.

1. Why is the B-class library turn around?

We can start analysis from the Class B products, so I need to look at the stock of each category, stock amount, inventory turnover day.

The first is the big class and medium class, create a component, and create a drill directory, name “Category”, add the big class and medium category to the category, drag into the horizontal axis, the stock amount, inventory The number of inventory turnover is dragged into the longitudinal axis, using the column chart, through the linkage of the above figure, can be seen from the above-drawn product.

In order to more clearly see the inventory of small classes, we can also make small stocks into a map cloud, and can link with the above figure.

In order to analyze which commodities may have problems, I will use the number of inventories and forecasts for the number of horizontal axis coordinates, and have a four-elevation distribution map with average.

If the inventory is slow, the inventory is large, and the goods should be suspended to avoid backlogging. If the inventory turnover is fast, the inventory is small, and it should be replenished in time to avoid out of stock.

Then, we can also predict the purchase rhythm and the shipping volume, I have made the following picture, you can view the number of available days, if you can sell goods below 14 days, you need timely replenishment, and forecast Meet the money in the next month.

Finally, in order to view the inventory of each item under the small class, I have made a commodity schedule, which can directly see the inventory of each item, stock amount, and number of days, etc.

Then our product inventory analysis instrument panel is basically completed, and the chart components can be automatically established, and we can view the inventory of all kinds of goods by clicking different categories, such as Class B, in order to find inventory control Problem, formulate corresponding lifting strategies. Through analysis, discovery:

The amount of inventive amount and inventory of imported foods in Class B products are large, including inventory, inventory amount, inventory amount, and large number of inventories. Bees, peanut oil and other commodities are slow, the number of available days is large, need to take measures to prevent excess stock, and the number of available days of imported mineral water, flavoring, etc.

Fourth, the analysis results are given to the business

Through our previous analysis, you can take the following measures to control inventory.

First, you can use the BI tool to improve the template of the inventory analysis, establish the instrument panel of inventory analysis, and set an early warning mechanism, and the inventory of the inventory will be used in real time, and the inventory is refined. Secondly, the goods are too small in stock, fast turnaround, such as imported mineral water, flavoring, etc. Finally, the goods are too large, slower, such as bees, peanut oil, suspended replenishment, and appropriately have made several promotions according to the dynamics of the inventory.

Three months later, after three months, the shortage of officing was reduced, and the low-end stock rate was 21.3% in the previous quarter. Inventory costs have been greatly reduced, 14.7% from the previous quarter. The profit margin increased by 11.3% in the previous quarter, and the growth target was increased.

Author: Li Qifang, focus data analysis and enterprise data management; public number: Data analysis is not something